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03-Aug-2019 09:01

You will win, when you have no agenda with them other than setting the table for them to meet with Jesus, and trusting child within your care. I’m in your corner, if you need me to help you figure out how. Pastor, you do have LGBTQ kids in your youth group right now. First, let's talk about why you have these feelings.The biggest reason has to do with the relative immaturity of guys your age (sorry guys, but it's true). But you have to keep that attraction in perspective. My point: It's completely natural for teenage girls to be attracted to older guys.I’ve been to hundreds of band recitals, soccer games, and art shows, of varying levels of tolerability.

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You’ll win this war by showing them a kindness and decency that they may find no other place in this world.

They rarely feel able to let the truest parts of themselves be seen, and so they spend much of their time hiding in plain sight—especially in the Church.