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13-Jun-2019 04:47

Erotic and exotic excursions into betrayal and hot, dirty sex!

These cheaters won't rest until they've exposed EVERYTHING on TV... Our first client is Bill, a laconic country bar manager who's being thrown from the mechanical bull of betrayal and getting gored by the horns of infidelity!

Cheater's Second Case involves Sarah, a new mom who has a (mostly) satisfying relationship with boyfriend Billy.

But when the new nanny and Sarah's boyfriend turn out to be anything but camera-shy, Sarah gets a crash course in Voyeur Cam 101!

can she win him back from her equally busty best friend? Watch Cheaters: Double Pleasure Uncensored Only on Events i NDemand Pay-Per-View.

Our second case features a nice guy who stumbled into a residential 3-way setup that seems too good to be true. These Double Pleasure chicks will show you all they've got... Rated TV-MA, CHEATERS UNCENSORED is for mature audiences only! The horniest cheaters caught in the dirty, dirty act!

When someone is going in the backdoor, Cheaters is there! Watch Cheaters: Backdoor Dominatrix Uncensored, only on Events i NDemand Pay Per View! Watch Cheaters: Unholy Rendezvous Uncensored, only on Events i NDemand Pay Per View!

But when this turkey starts slipping his drumstick to every mom in town, Patrice is ready to tar and feather this chicken-hearted cheater! Watch Cheaters: Horny Secrets Uncensored, only on Events i NDemand Pay Per View!) But when Leon is caught in the dirty, despicable act... can he find the backbone to man up to his actions, and his family?Cheater's Second Case involves the sexy Rochelle... When this sweet little piece catches her live-in boyfriend doing sexy, trashy things to a NEW blonde-of-the-month on her hidden video camera, will she finally find the strength to take out the garbage?When the players are too naked, too dirty, too TRASHY... Rated TV-MA, CHEATERS UNCENSORED is for mature audiences only! But when their relationship starts blowing cold, Michelle is worried that her working-man mate is deep inside another woman's pipes.

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Can their relationship be repaired, or is Erik full of hot air?

During our first case, a real knock out becomes a rude awakening for Chris, when he becomes aware of his girlfriend's secret lover.

The sheriff kept saying there were more of them and so it was just my word against there's so he could do nothing.… continue reading »

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Kim, who battled injuries throughout the summer, swam the technical portion for the U. squad, but was poolside during the team's free routine. Hooven was a Buckeye letterwinner in 2004, while Kim returned for her senior season at Ohio State in the fall of 2008.… continue reading »

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When you first come into the game, it really helps to have a character sort-of thought out that you can play with.… continue reading »

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he had just started to drift off when he realised that i was in the darkness.… continue reading »

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I am told that women want to settle down and have kids, etc., but their actions seem to be to the contrary.… continue reading »

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After a few glasses of champagne, they are ready to get to know each other better.… continue reading »

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can be a real pain in the ass because they only let you search by model’s name it’s hard to find the model you really like.… continue reading »

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