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More games are scheduled in the after noon, beginning at p.m. Just a group of reporters sharing a wealth of knowledge and insight with some light-hearted subjects sprinkled in. Continue reading It’s been called “Chicago’s game.” The world of 16-inch slow pitch softball was supposedly created in the Windy City, dating back to 1887 according to some sources. Continue reading This fall The Gazette’s Sports staff will be implementing a new feature to enhance our online sports coverage.Kinnison claimed to have fought under a general named “Montgomery.” That must be Richard Montgomery, who died leading the American invasion of Canada in 1775.Yet Kinnison didn’t claim to have been involved in any of that memorable campaign. Overton did a thorough analysis of Kinnison’s stories; he titled his essay “David Kennison and the Chicago Sting,” and to my knowledge it hasn’t been published, though it’s available in some research libraries.The collections database currently includes 34,000 images and more than 130,000 records.Here’s another set of stays from colonial New England, this one made for a child and preserved at the Pocumtuck Valley Historical Association in Deerfield, Massachusetts.

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James Thacher’s account of the fortification of Dorchester heights, months later, and they never had to be rolled. The Chicago History Museum keeps some artifacts associated with Kinnison, but identifies him as a hoaxer. Which brings me back to Mass Moments, where I started this series of postings.Although Chiaverini, 37, has been based in Chicago since 2006, he had spent the past few years renting in a Streeterville high-rise.