Why should you be friends before dating

01-Mar-2019 15:17

I've also seen it written by many psychologists on this site that *friendship* is the basis of a good romantic relationship.Ms Kim shouldn't state such radical opinions as ''friends first doesn't work'' as fact. I think the fallacy is based on the idea that people are friends because they don't find each other physically attractive, as though that is the major consideration in classifying a new relationship.Attraction is also the feeling of being in sync with someone.With friends, you get along great and have lovely conversations, but finding someone you have a unique connection with--whether you share the same humor, frequent the same foursquare locales or both love "The Golden Girls"-- is what gets chemistry beakers boiling.That is, friends do not criticize each other in a Parent-to-Child way, although they may give each other advice." In other words, friends don't tend to unilaterally lay down the law on the other person the way parents do with their children.And especially not before any actual relationship has developed.Not everyone choses their friends based on a lack of physical attraction or significant others based on mystery or exoticism. It proves that 2 people got on brilliantly and fell in love without the sex part.

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It doesn't have to be physical, but I think there needs to be something about that person that turns you on.

I've never been "friends first" with a boy, though the concept is quite fascinating. Many experts advise that couples should be friends first.

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