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04-Sep-2019 09:12

On the recently-debuted reality show Tamara's World, the daughter of Formula One billionaire boss Bernie Ecclestone told her husband Jay Rutland: 'I'm worried that they'll make her wipe her own poo. I'm worried, but at the same time I'm trying to keep things as normal as possible for Fifi... Today is a tragedy.'Added Jay: 'Today is Sophia's first day at school.She's still only diddy and she is our little baby, so packing her off to kindergarten is tough, especially for Tamara, because she spends all of her day with Sophia.'And while Tamara, who continues to breastfeed her daughter, could see the benefits in her child venturing out in the wide world, she admitted that she wasn't quite ready to let go just yet.Speaking to the cameras, Tamara admitted: 'I definitely feel that when I'm with Fifi that I'm at my happiest.And it probably sounds selfish, but I'm unhappy that she'll be away from me. The thought of it is not good for me.'In an attempt to reason with his wife, Jay said of their sole offspring: 'She's got to stand on her town two feet at some point,' to which Tamara responded: 'She's a baby, she doesn't have to stand on her own two feet yet.'However, with FIfi's first day at school being a success, Tamara found herself facing another major hurdle during the episode, when she contemplated whetheer she could handle being away from her daughter as she slept at night.

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The times that I don't feel OK is when I'm forcing her to do something that makes her feel sad, because that makes me feel sad, to.'As the doting parents boarded a chauffeur-driven vehicle to take their daughter to school, things were seen going awry when Sophia started to scream about being separated from her mother, from whom she had never been apart beforehand.The youngest, Juliette Perkins, has been dubbed his current favorite by the publication and was the model he was most recently spotted with in LA on October 20.