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I decided to watch this drama because was played by many great actress and actors. Watching the drama bcoz I like this very nice actress - recognized her from My Husband Has A Family. Both have similar personalities n they look great together. Although I do not speak the language am am to follow with the subtitles and cast projects there lines and emotions so convincly. I have one last episode to go and know that I will already miss the characters (especially after reading some of these posts).

The storyline was so nice and funny, chemistry between couples was good too. With such an awesome cast producing "No 1" ratings, the producer should makea sequel or another successful drama with the same cast! Admire the make up and the wardrobe @pierson, if you love this kind of drama you can watch "What Happens to My Family? _(Korean_Drama) the story is like the gentlemen of wolgyesu too, but more about family. I haven't watched a series like this in a while (can't remember when) -- with enriching character development aligned to unwavering values.

From BAFTAs to bar mitzvahs, Anita has covered them all.

Professionally trained at Greasepaint Make-up School, she combines top-notch skills with a highly personal approach to your appearance, and will always take your tastes.

If Wonder Woman ever needed a trusty apprentice, Femisha would be a great fit.

For as long as she can remember, Chiedu Hing has been an agony aunt to her friends and family. Chiedu used to be a community mediator and spent many years building bridges and healing broken relationships.

If anyone is feeling nostalgic or experiencing withdrawal, I invite you to check out the segment on "Happy Together" in which two of the couples appear https:// I usually get tired somewhere along the middle but not with this one.

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Kavita’s passion for fashion and years of experience styling world renowned clientele means she’s got the magic wand for even the most manic wardrobe.

[email protected] Hi all, I shared the same sentiments as others who posted.