Who is john tesh dating

27-May-2019 00:35

The great romance between John Tesh and Connie Sellecca did not get off to a wonderful start.True, when they met at a hotel gym in Palm Springs four years ago, he wasted no time asking her out.

He shuffled from Nashville to Raleigh, to Orlando, and finally to New York's WCBS-TV, where, at age 22, he was their youngest reporter.But on what was to be their first date, growls Sellecca, “He stood me up!” “I was intimidated,” explains Tesh, who didn’t blow his second chance.Despite already having a full-time job with Entertainment Tonight, and the long hours of rehearsal for the band, he did very well, although he did only one tour with Yanni, playing in about 12 shows, including the "1988 Concert Series", before being replaced by Bradley Joseph.

Later, Yanni helped Tesh get his first recording contract with Private Music.However, he became more well-known when he co-hosted the television show Entertainment Tonight from 1986 to 1996.