Who is flex lewis dating

06-Apr-2019 01:20

Dexter is 5'6, flex is 5'5 I dont want to tell flex or his supporters not to dream, but sticking him up against competitors that average around 5'8 and 240lbs is a tough ask.

He looks good but imagine what he would look next to next to wolf, victor, heath, kai, jay, .

English defined an ugly physique, Flex defines aesthetics.

i hope he goes down as the 212 champ for years, nobody has the shape and overall package he does, its unreal how classy his physique looks in comparison to the other guys in his class.

You literally don't hear anything about him wether he's the reigning champ or not.

So Flex should consider rolling with the big boys eventually.

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Young later travelled to Charlotte, North Carolina where she met and trained with The Fabulous Moolah and also met Ed "Strangler" Lewis whom told her "I don't like girl wrestlers, women should be in the kitchen, but after seeing you, you was born to be a wrestler." Meltzer wrote, "In reality, Young is believed to have competed in seven decades, matching the record held by Lou Thesz.He gets enough attention as it is now, if he places well at the o that would definitely be more beneficial for his career.Top 8 right now IMO, but who knows what he can still bring. I've always felt like the 202 class held Flex back a little bit.(March 12, 1923 – January 14, 2014) was an American professional wrestler.

She wrestled throughout the United States, Canada and won multiple titles in the National Wrestling Alliance.

he can actually win some of the smaller ones and take some prize money.

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