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Since the effect became too difficult, Bob Gale decided that Doc’s later updates, including the highly efficient Mr.Fusion device, altered the nature of how the car moved through time and eliminated the freezing problem.Eric Stoltz was chosen next, but was fired after six weeks of filming when Gale and Zemeckis concluded that he wasn’t right for the role (a belief held by several others in the production).When Fox’s agent was told that Zemeckis was willing to reshoot all of the scenes they’d already filmed with Stoltz, he brought the offer to the actor who then read the script and eagerly accepted the role. He was 28 when the two sequels were filmed back to back. Fox first appears as Marty Mc Fly, he wears the same mirrored sunglasses that he wore in the teaser for .

After Columbia dropped the project, Zemeckis and Gale wrote four new drafts over the next four years, all of which were rejected.

This changes history, causing the future Twin Pines Mall to be named Lone Pine Mall instead.

Many of you probably know that already, but did you catch the other joke that happens on the ranch? Both characters are references to the time traveling duo Mr.

When asked about it, they said they just wanted to see if anything happened.

• Doc’s time machine is a US DMC-12 model, which can achieve 0-60 mph in 8.8 seconds.The final draft and the involvement of Steven Spielberg as a producer finally resulted in a green light from Universal Pictures, and featured a journey to October 21, 2015 (which was obviously big news last month when real life finally caught up to the future…) But let’s not forget that Doc Brown actually invented time travel on today’s date, November 5th, back in 1955—the date that Marty travels to on his very first trip in the De Lorean.