White girl dating black guy jokes

24-Apr-2019 10:50

Greatness is about impact, and the uncontested fact remains that in the last 25 years, Serena Williams has impacted the sport more than any of her peers, male or female.

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With the new benchmark being set and Serena’s serve taking her through a dominant run in the early aughts, the never-ending question started to rear its ugly head amongst professional tennis critics: could Serena be strong enough to compete with men?There’s no arbitrary ranking that Mc Enroe can make that will ever take that away, no matter how often he uses the gender qualifier to minimize it.

Of course, the group has grown up, fostering mature, adult relationships, but that doesn't mean people aren't still interested, which is why James Corden took the opportunity to ask both Lovato and Jonas about their dating history in his most recent version of Carpool Karaoke.… continue reading »

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The English translation for the Chinese term Q版 (pinyin: Kiū bǎn), referring to cartoonification or infantilization in the artistic renderings of real life or serious human figures, animal figures or other characters or objects, especially in the styles of anime.… continue reading »

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