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The kitties of Caroline's Kids send purrs of thanks.

Purring too, Caroline OUR STAFF Executive Director/Founder: Judie Brown ... [News Herald article written by Jenny May on 9/26/08] To the more than 200 rescued felines housed at Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue in Concord Township, founder Judie Brown is viewed as nothing short of a hero.

The no-kill cat shelter at 7394 Morley Road houses more than 250 cats, many of which are older and have special needs.

And, it takes a lot of money to not only feed those felines but everything else that goes with running a shelter.

Or perhaps it's the fact that they are highly social and form long-term bonds.

The Academy's colony of African penguins () does just that, while helping educate thousands of visitors a day about their fascinating biology and plight in the wild.

[read more...] [News Herald article written by Robin Palmer 4/18/16] Judie Brown isn't sure who said it, but it pretty much sums things up: "We are not in this for the money, but we need the money to be in it." Brown and her husband, Tom, created and have operated Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue for more than three decades.

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The Academy exhibit closely mimics the penguins' natural environment through both its physical variability and changing climatic conditions.Couples, which typically have the same colored wing bands, can often be seen grooming one another near the nest box they share.