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He also suffers from astigmatism (blurred vision), nystagmus (involuntary eye movement) and strabismus (eye misalignment that affects balance). David reveals the painstaking lengths he went to disguise his disability and reveals what drove him to achieve the seemingly impossible – his parents' love and steadfast belief in him.

A keen football fan, David discovered as a child that he could watch games better with the use of binoculars, since the lens minimised some of the problems arising from his impairment.

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I literally photographed everything from clothes pegs to pigeons in the garden,' he said.Fearful his disability would curtail his career, David, 51, made a decision to keep it hidden from almost everyone who knew him until now.Here he speaks exclusively to Mail Online about his remarkable life story which has been turned into a film titled, Through My Lenses.He was seven years old when his father Tally bought him his first camera.'From that point onwards I was just hooked,' he said.'To have the camera in font of my face looking through the view finder allowed me to see things exactly the way I could see things in my mind.' At age 15, he returned from a family holiday in Israel to his home in Ilford, east London, and showed his father the photos he had taken.'My father was really impressed and told me I had a real eye and talent for it.'My mother, Anita, she too always encouraged me to never feel held back by my disability.

'She told me, "There's no such word as can't."' After leaving school at 16, David had the opportunity to buy a better camera and continue photography as a hobby.'I went from a supporter on the terraces to being on the same field as the players I had idolised as a kid growing up,' he said.