Updating your home

26-Apr-2019 16:35

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Recently my focus has been on our kitchen, a room in which I have no executive responsibilities.My wife is a terrific cook—she has written four cookbooks and is at work on a fifth—but she stores ingredients, implements, and appliances so idiosyncratically that even she loses track of what she has.It's nice to be needed, but don't make the person you love ask that question. With the Wink Hub (), you can program your lights to turn on and off , or control them from your smartphone.Or use Philips Hue lights (0 for a kit with three bulbs), above, to light your room in any color you want.I also used Excel to create a searchable shelf list of her inventory of seasonings, oils, extracts, syrups, vinegars, sweeteners, rubs, salts, peppers, and other easily forgotten essentials.She may never consult it, and she almost certainly won't keep it up to date, but creating it made me feel better, and now I can move on to the garage.But the best reason to get one is that when friends are hanging out in the kitchen during a party and they see you open and close the drawer with the press of a button, they'll think you are from the future Want an easy way to instantly make your kitchen better? Instead of removing and replacing old hardware, buy Rockler's Roller Runners () for your drawers and Blumotion Compact Hinge Adapters (), above, for your cabinets. If you don't want to track down a commercial model, the Cuisinart CSO-300 (9) is a steam oven, convection oven, and toaster all in one.So, on the days you don't feel like toast, you can cook an entire chicken.

She makes random, teetering piles, while I store papers by category and year in three-ring binders on long shelves.My wife and I spent roughly 15 years getting our house exactly the way we wanted it, yet as soon as the paint was dry we both thought, hey, let's move!