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18-May-2019 18:22

Instead of using the normal brake, hold down the handbrake until you come to a complete stop without hitting anything.

That one where it tells you to do a 200m handbrake stop is bloody impossible!

I guess it makes sense as the engine did already work on that format and already has support for all the core gameplay mechanics.

Nice re-use of all the older car models from Driver Parallel lines too haha.

Did it with the '69 charger R/T from 142 mph and stopped in well over 200 meters without using the boost rubbish haha.

If anyones really struggling try doing it while going downhill Although I will agree that something is wrong with the car spawning palette/selection after game completion.

Average domestic cars (non-police '99 crown vics, '06 caddy DTS, '10 towncar, '72 vista cruiser, '01 blazer, '08 base mustang, both F-series trucks and Rams) don't seem to ever appear after completing the game outside of side missions.

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Look through the official car list, can you find a One-77? Does somebody know how you unlock that garage mission? Time to play online multiplayer but first i need to buy Xbox Live Gold.I'm going to try and play new game plus, and see if that fixes it. I tried so many cars, eventually my success came with the lambo murcielago LP67-4 SV. Just use an older car with brakes that aren't so good!

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