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like the Nexus 7 could even fit in a pocket — but this is a bit crazy. That’s why MP3 players were a big deal when they launched — we could already play MP3s on our computers.Some devices are almost smartphones, but are branded and sold as “MP3 players.” Apple’s i Pod Touch is the most popular such device.If you purchase an MP3 player that supports SD cards, you can get all the additional storage you want by purchasing cheap SD cards SD cards aren't all about storage!In fact, there are several other factors to consider, and when purchasing your cards, you should make yourself aware of them. You can even juggle several SD cards if your entire music library doesn’t fit on a single one.is a music website, founded in the United Kingdom in 2002.

Apple’s i Pod Touch is the last option standing, and it’s more notable for being a device that offers i Phone apps to anyone for 5 without a cell phone contract, even to people with dumbphones and Android phones.Some MP3 players allow for additional storage via SD cards.Many modern smartphones — the i Phone included — include a fairly small amount of storage and don’t offer SD card support.We’ll look at when MP3 players are a good option and when you should just stick with your smartphone.

The most useful MP3 players are probably the ones that don’t try to be smartphones.

Many MP3 players are significantly smaller, lighter, and cheaper than smartphones.