Updating database tables

15-Mar-2019 07:46

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The sample migrates 5 tables in the Adventure Works database to memory-optimized, and it includes a demo workload for sales order processing.

You can use this demo workload to see the performance benefit of using In-Memory OLTP on your server.

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This tool can be used to execute queries or run stored procedures in parallel.

However, one must consider that they do not support range scans, ordered scans, or search on leading index key columns.

Therefore, care needs to be taken when using these indexes.

In the description of the sample we discuss the tradeoffs that were made in migrating the tables to In-Memory OLTP to account for the features that are not (yet) supported for memory-optimized tables.

The documentation of this sample is structured as follows: RESTORE DATABASE [Adventure Works2016CTP3] FROM DISK = N' C:\temp\Adventure Works2016CTP3.bak' WITH FILE = 1, MOVE N' Adventure Works2016_Data' TO N'h:\DATA\Adventure Works2016CTP3_Data.mdf', MOVE N' Adventure Works2016_Log' TO N'i:\DATA\Adventure Works2016CTP3_log.ldf', MOVE N' Adventure Works2016CTP3_mod' TO N'h:\data\Adventure Works2016CTP3_mod' GO The sample creates new tables for products and sales orders, based on existing tables in Adventure Works.Ostress is installed as part of the RML Utilities; there is no standalone installation for ostress.

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