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22-Jun-2019 17:08

We are extremely glad to announce that we have started sessions for album 10.

We are currently residing in a studio in the south of France where we are putting together new wicked songs for yet another magic album. Hugs and kisses kent." Pics from the studio in France has been uploaded on both Friday last week and today. Allthough this is the first official news regarding the band since the last single was released in October 2010 the members have been involved in a lot of side projects the last year.

Then Martin and I wrote another song, it is the first song in that clip.

Possibly, another song I wrote together with a guy called Jonas Quant will also end up on the album." You can also listen to the whole song that Jocke and Martin has written for Morten on youtube.

It's called Lightning and is the first single from the album.

Thank you for the last five years and keep visiting!

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On thursday kent opens this years touring at Vega in Copenhagen, Denmark.He wanted to do "Dom Andra" as well, but he didn't, I think because of the time schedule and the trouble in writing a english lyric that matches the original.