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So if you are a female with lots of males friends, you probably have a lot of men who, under different circumstances, would most definitely like to have sex with you. Our first thought is “there’s no way anyone woman in their right mind, with any standards or pride, would have sex with that”. And if we had to be born female, we’d prefer to be a lesbian. One of the main driving forces for a man to settle down is to secure access to frequent and reliable sex. By pairing up with a woman who can provide sex on a frequent basis, we’ve eliminated one of life’s biggest distractions and sources of frustration. This is because by having sex you just demonstrated to him that you have a relationship to begin with.

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Initial sexual attraction has probably forged the majority of male/female friendships.

In Tiny MUD variants, particularly MUCKs, the term Tiny Sex (TS) is very increased popularity of webcams has raised the number of online partners using two-way video connections to "expose" themselves to each other online—giving the act of cybersex a more visual aspect.