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One says that the tendency of humans to form long-term couple relationships rendered long-lasting bone-related rigidity redundant because sexual intercourse takes place frequently and for short periods only.Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins suggested that females tested the physical and mental states of prospective suitors via the man’s ability to rise to the occasion without the need of a bone. Ziony Zevit, distinguished professor of Biblical Literature and Northwest Semitic Languages at the American Jewish University (University of Judaism), links the flight of the phallus bone to the creation of Eve, claiming that the correct way to understand the Hebrew word for “rib” — — in the Book of Genesis is as “limbs lateral to the vertical axis of an erect human body: hands, feet, or, in the case of males, the penis.” He asserts that this real meaning was subsequently lost in translation. Zevit’s argument, first presented in his 2013 book “What Really Happened in the Garden of Eden?The Daily Express newspaper reported on Tuesday that the article has turned into a major bone of contention for some Christian readers.“I write to express my disappointment with your magazine.

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It got ten million hits in four days and then that sparked the whole conversation about size." Now, Patrick will confess his relationship wasn't picture perfect but he was in love and looking for happily ever after.As he approaches the gallery, chalk full of eye-popping, oversized images inspired by public artwork seen throughout Los Angeles, he quickly declares, "I disagree." The male equivalent to a girl with an A-cup, so Patrick says in the film after meeting with a urologist who tells him his penis is on the "low normal" side, he seems impressed by the larger-than-life art until we stumble upon some nudes of a pretty well endowed man -- he looks then diverts his eyes before walking away.A You Tube sensation for all the wrong reasons, Patrick, who let's admit it, as an actor craves attention, wasn't thrilled about his newfound notoriety."I think the way society looks at it, more women would say they don't care, but I know from doing man-on-the-street interviews, I expected all women to say size doesn't matter, whether they meant it or not, but there were tons of women who said, it matters.

Some said, 'I've broken up with people because of it.' Of course, usually they don't say that because women realize what a shot that is." According to the film, the penis enlargement industry is a five billion dollar juggernaut -- ten times the budget of the Red Cross. The sad thing is guys that are normal feel less than that." One problem people have with reality and how our private parts actually measure up is that often our first encounter with nude bodies is through porn and that's far from realistic.

"I've seen the reaction people have to my penis, it seems like it would be this great payoff but it would be the most awkward moment ever.

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