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£1750 Phone: 07717-422932 (Croston, Lancs.) Pictures of the Myford Super 7 lathe for sale here and details of Myford Super 7 lathes here Ram-type swivelling head with 6.875" of in and out travel and fitted with both quick-action drilling by lever and find feed by handwheel to the R8 quill.

As the R8 fitting is the same as that used on a Bridgeport it allows access to a wide range of high-quality yet inexpensive tooling.

- and huge torque for drilling large diameter holes. Pictures of the gun barrel drilling and rifling machine for sale here and full technical details here For more details please phone: 01723-376764 or email: Chris Whitehead Included is a range of valuable extras including: two Lorch headstocks, milling slide with high-speed grinding milling spindle, pump-centre faceplate, two compound screw-feed slide rest, precision ring-scroll 3-jaw chuck,, collets and other parts.

£3750 Phone: 07798-641577 (lathe in Ipswich) Am happy to pack and ship world-wide at cost. Small rotary table in perfect order, again appears unused. (Ref:5/17) Pictures of the Colchester Bantam for sale here and details of Bantam lathes here The property of an ex-Rolls Royce engineer, the lathe is in full working order and running from a single-phase motor.

2 Morse taper Model 2G bench drill in fine original condition. I have also a very rare Fell deep-hole borer for sale around 20-years old now; this was the only one ever made.

This is the Progress with oil-bath lubricated head "back gearing" that gives 10 speeds from 36 to 2570 r.p.m. This is one the very best bench drills it's possible to buy - high-quality construction, compact, versatile and powerful. £650 Pictures of the Elliott Progress No.2 Drill for sale here and details of Progress grills here Disassembles into manageable pieces. Just need to find a home for this one as an offer to remove, it's more a museum piece, but could be sorted to work again.

Fitted 3-jaw chuck, quick-change toolpost, precision keyless and keyed drill chucks, thread-dial indicator, chuck guard, Morse taper drills, turning and boring tools - and all the miscellaneous equipment, material and tools used with the lathe by the previous owner.

Mounted on the maker's stand with chip tray and complete with coolant equipment, machine vice and all the small accessories used by the previous owner.

Pictures of the Leinen watchmakers' lathe for sale here and details of modern Leinen watch lathes here. £55 Pictures of the Myford vertical milling slide and rotary table for sale here. Well equipped and including a large collection of metal bar stock, blocks of bronze and other items stored in the workshop with the machine - these appearing to include: 3-jaw chuck (possibly two), 4-way toolpost, thread-dial indicator, tailstock chuck, drive dogs.