Shutdown is busy updating waiting for lock Webcamsex armenia

10-Sep-2019 14:28

Unfortunately, there are any number of things that could be causing the problem such as a program running in the background that hangs, insufficient RAM that takes a long time to dump, 3rd party anti-virus program (this can be a huge problem if you have two AV programs installed), scheduled maintenance programs that run at shut down (i.e. This next comment is for anyone reading this post who may be considering asking a question regarding their PC.It’s always helpful to Community members trying to provide assistance if information such as the following is provided: manufacturer/model, amount of RAM, CPU, HD/SSD capacity and of course the OS version.However, the information provided is for your information only.Progress Software Corporation makes no explicit or implied claims to the validity of this information.When the database is in an AI stall (-aistall in use), a addonline process is attempting to write a note to the current AI extent.This process remains blocked until the AI stall has been resolved by emptying an extent.Then when I restart the system warns me that the last shutdown did not work properly and it gives me a choice to troubleshoot or restart. A third party utility might reveal whats happening.When I choose restart everything seems to load as normal. I'm a big fan of Glary Utilities (Freeware) You can download and try out at

Database is stalled due to using -aistall database startup parameter._dbutil running the addonline needs to be killed from the process list.Click on "Additional power settings" to get to all the settings you should be looking at. Microsoft doesn't want it to shutdown till they've completed using your bandwidth to deliver those updates if you haven't turned off the sharing of updates that Microsoft has stored on your computer. It's like peer to peer networking and until the download by whomever is being blessed by securing an update off your computer has finished, it may take a while to shut down. It means that an image has to be taken when shutting down to make the boot up a bit faster.If all is well there, then wait a while before manually shutting off the computer. Where people really get in trouble is that they use the power button to kill power to the computer in the middle and that sometimes breaks things.There's such a long list of things it could be - hard to nail it down. Be sure that you have them set the way you want them.

Go to the start menu, then settings, then system, then power & sleep. Windows can take a minute or so to shut the computer off even though the screen goes blank. If it never shuts off then time to check the power settings. I think most of the people here are finding out that their issue is TURNING OFF the fastboot item which is suddenly on by default.Once the ai file issues have been resolved these utilities can be restarted.2a. The ai extents on the source are LOCKED in the replication environment most likely because replication has stopped.