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The storyline was dropped after three months because of Landel's personal problems.

In early 1991, he was under consideration for membership in Alexandra York's The York Foundation.

Landel first became interested in professional wrestling when a friend of his sister Lou Anne Smith, introduced him to Bob Orton, Randy Savage and Boris Malenko.

Landel was an amateur wrestler in high school, but dropped out during his junior year. With Bill Dundee, Dutch Mantell, and Jerry Lawler, he headlined the last sold-out show in the Mid-South Coliseum. Landel at one time was managed by Andy Kaufman, Jim Cornette, and Jimmy Hart.

Landel was honored as Most Influential WWF/WCW Wrestler from Kentucky by the state's governor and made a Kentucky Colonel in 1990.

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Buddy held the SMW Heavyweight Championship and the SMW Television Championship in 1995.

Upon the end of his service, Peter Shipe was given a land-grant in Knoxville by Washington for his service, and the family owned the land for 200 years until it was sold in 1980 by his grandmother, Agnes Luttrell Shipe, surviving wife of Thomas Samuel Shipe.

Landel acknowledged that beginning in 1985 he had begun abusing drugs, using them for 10 to 15 years.

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