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I looked at Mark and turned to her and said sure but we would have to get dressed first, she laughed and said don't bother and then stepped out from behind the hedge, she was naked and looked amazing, we both got out the pool and I saw Mark was getting hard but we both thought the same thing, what the hell, and went next door.

We introduced our selves and they told us their names, the men were Tom and David both 24 and the girls were Zoe 21 and Nicola 23.

As we talked they told us that they saw us watching the other night and had been talking all day trying to find a way of inviting us over, it was Zoe who just took it upon herself to walk round and ask us.

Zoe gave us a drink and we just talked a while, I felt a little shy because even though I had lost a lot of weight and looked good for my age both those girls looked amazing and Nicola had breasts that defied gravity, and her pussy like Zoe was shaved fully unlike my own that was nice and trimmed.

It wasn't long before the couples next door started having sex and Mark pulled my bikini bottoms off and fucked me from behind as we watched.

It felt so naughty watching them as we fucked and Mark didn't take very long to cum and it felt so good but wasn't enough for me.

please post only pics and vids matching the group name.

Orgasm can sometimes provide temporary relief, but within hours the symptoms return.The first few days we spent exploring but on the third night we decided to stay at the villa and relax, now only a thick hedge was between our pool and next doors and as we relaxed in the evening sun, we heard them come back.