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19-Mar-2019 07:22

While many make working as a phone sex operator (PSO) their full time job; others just do it part time to make a few extra dollars.Often they are stay-at-home moms wanting to supplement the family income; college students working part-time to earn some extra cash; or even those with full time jobs outside the home who have a phone sex job on the side to help pay off debts, or earn some Christmas or vacation money.Some companies, known as dispatch phone sex companies, only require their PSO’s to answer calls that are forwarded to them and do the actual call.The company does all the work of attracting callers, processing their payments, and setting up the call for you to perform.But many choose to become independent phone sex operators, setting up their own phone sex business on the internet.Adult Phone Pal provides you with your own free pay-per-minute webpage, toll free number and billing solution, enabling you to work independently, be your own boss, and keep more of the money you earn.

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All it takes is a sexy voice, a dirty mind, a telephone line, and a wiliness to indulge in intimate conversation with complete strangers.Others have found that they can make more money doing this full time than they can earn working outside the home.