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A range of prehistoric pottery and flint and other stone artefacts were found in and around these features.

Also in the vicinity of the barrows were numerous pits, some of which may be forming other ritual monuments known as pit-circles. These are clusters of unenclosed pits which have been filled with cremated human remains.

A second girl known as Pupil B was also contacted on Twitter by Clarke in February 2015 - but the contact ended in April that same year when she decided to block him from contacting her.

Miss Williams said: 'Pupil B said she was given a box of Cadbury's Creme Eggs after a mock exam.'The hearing was told Clarke told another girl known as Pupil C: 'I haven't been laid in six years.

Christopher Paul Clarke, 29, could leave the profession because of his 'inappropriate and sexual' behaviour when talking to three female pupils aged 15 and 16.

The three girls were contacted by bearded Clarke on Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter for nearly a year, a disciplinary hearing was told.

Rubicon have a team constantly working on archaeological processing.

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Cremated human remains would have been inserted in pits in the ring-ditch and the mound itself.

Osteological analysis of the Lovelodge Farm cremation burials will include the recording of bone weight present, estimations of mean fragment size, analysis of bone colours (to aid estimation of cremation firing temperatures), assessment of the minimum numbers of individuals in each burial and, where possible, a determination of age and sex.