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25-Jul-2019 04:46

And, of course, with every romantic leap of faith comes the best mates who won’t hear the end of it.

Enter Smithy and Nessa, the unenthusiastic chums who are dragged reluctantly along to provide back-up should the date go awry.

In coming to London in that first episode, Stacey does what all of us have done at some stage by putting her love life in the hands of fate.’s pilot episode slots all these pieces into place within about five minutes.Most people who stuck around to watch all twenty episodes were probably hooked by this engaging opening, which set up a relatable-but-exciting and totally enduring comedy drama without wasting any time.Ruth Jones’ show-stealing performance managed to make the barely-even-a-word line ‘oh! And that’s not to mention her collection of comedic jobs and hobbies (from trucker to Santa to palm-reader), ever-expanding list of celebrity romantic conquests (including Dodi Fayed, Russell Brand and a cameo-making John Prescott) and unseen-but-teased unconventional bedroom techniques (never mention toilet brushes to Smithy, and all that).

Less hard-working writers might think that two big comedic characters are enough, but Corden and Jones don’t stop there.The show opens with a snapshot of ordinary existence: Gavin Shipman and Stacey West, both trudging through their boring office jobs with desks, phones and computers.

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