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27-Jul-2019 11:40

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I have just got a used IBM x3550 M3 server as development machine and ran into some trouble when trying to add some SSDs: the throughput was pretty slow (~100MB/s). Checksum Passed: 00000000 BIOS Image compatible with the SAS Controller.

Generally the BR10i controller supports 3G SATA2 and therefore i expected a throughput of ~250MB.

In addition, you cannot upgrade the firmware of the card to V8.15 while it is installed in an x206m or x306m if it has older firmware . This HBA provides support for SAS and SATA HDDs and tape drive configurations. All other supported systems support tape connectivity only.

Mega RAID Storage Manager (MSM), included with Serve RAID-MR10i, is a robust RAID management, configuration, and reporting application. The Serve RAID-BR10i SAS/SATA Controller provides an ideal solution for all servers requiring solid performance with RAID 0, 1 and 1E capability. Serve RAID-BR10i SAS/SATA Controller part number and feature code Today's business-critical servers require more protection, performance, and manageability than ever.

This RAID adapter provides investment protection by supporting SAS and SATA hard drive and tape drive configurations. An enterprise-grade RAID solution needs to provide the greatest level of data protection, the highest performance, and easy-to-use management tools. Serve RAID B5015 SSD Controller part numbers and feature codes The Serve RAID-MR10ie Controller is a high-performance PCIe RAID Controller expansion card for Blade Center for on-board and external Direct Attached Storage RAID 0, 1, 10, 5, 50, 6, and 60.

I’ve figured out, that this behaviour is caused by the firmware of the LSI based RAID Controller BR10i which is fixed in v1.. Executing Operation: Flash BIOS Image Validating BIOS Image.

You can get the latest firmware package from IBM Fix Central (requires a developer account) but in case you are running ubuntu, you cannot install it directly, because this OS is not officially supported and the IBM tools are designed for Windows or RHEL.

If the device is part of a cluster solution, verify that the latest level of code is supported for the cluster solution before you update the code.

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