Scorpio man dating capricorn woman

29-Apr-2019 19:54

I have dated in the meantime and have come to realize that I'm through with Mr.

Scorpio, not because we can't get past our stubborn ways, but because as a woman and an exceptionally attractive woman, I deserve a man who knows what he wants and has the strength of character to "claim" me.

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A Scorpio and Capricorn relationship can be one of a lifetime relationships.

I as a woman could care less of his attractiveness and will not budge, if you want me, be man enough to come and get me.

This is why our relationship has moved along so slowly.

Now that I've began dating a Taurus man (he's awesome) who knows what he wants and let's it be known, my ex Scorpio is stalking, and practically suicidal.

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I know enough about astrology not to fall for it though. Shame, if he would have let go of his pride and made the first move towards commitment instead of expecting me to lay it all on the line, (without any promise of the same in return) I would have given him all the control he wanted, and then some. I'm a Capricorn woman and I had a two year relationship with a Scorpio man.

It has really been a chance for me to turn inward and not change, but rather improve myself emotionally and rationally.

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