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23-May-2019 09:43

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David Ingram Facebook plans to hire 1,000 more people to review ads and ensure they meet its terms, as part of an effort to deter Russia and other countries from using the social media network to interfere in...

Dustin Volz Washington Executives from Facebook, Google and Twitter have been asked to testify to the US Congress in coming weeks as lawmakers probe Russia's alleged interference in the 2016 US election, committee...

Adrian Weckler Fake news is inextricably associated with one company: Facebook This is for good reason.

Sophie Donaldson Have you ever had that dream where you arrive at school and suddenly realise you are naked? Now imagine if that wasn't a dream and, instead of your classmates, you are exposed to basically anybody who has an internet connection - some three billion people, according to recent estimates.

Evidently the words of Jesus to “Judge not lest you be judged,” make little impression on such folk, who pretend to themselves that if their worst, most embarrassing moments were made into headlines in the papers, they would do just fine.… continue reading »

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As economist Milton Friedman once stated: "Third-party payment has required the bureaucratization of medical care ...… continue reading »

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Eat plenty of different coloured fruits and vegetables for a good mix of antioxidants and nutrients that will help protect your skin from damage, help skin repair itself and reduce inflammation from your acne.… continue reading »

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These are naturally hot girls performing their favourite sex acts in first class quality!… continue reading »

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