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So any interpretation by me is gonna be skewed :)Yeah, the song is about a girl who ed has a crush on, not that he is already dating her. He's obsessed (to the point of other's thinking he's nuts) with someone he DOESN'T HAVE.

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We spend time alone, and it ultimately benifits us. Plz do keep in mind that im quite partial to the big guy.More personal fulfillment can be achieved by taking a holistic strategy in life and not letting your fears or weaknesses corner you into an isolated path. If it is about a girl it's a much more powerful song, getting that excited about church would be insane. two, is that people may think it is strange that somebody is alowing themselves to be involved in such a one sided relationship, but they do not understand the affection person one feels for peron two so they automatically label it as strange and thinking person one is insane, he/she may even think they are insane themselves.I always figured it was about religion (the obsession with which was a turn off for this band). I have to agree with Bryan (second post) regarding meaning. The relationship did not have as much meaning to the partner as it did to the singer. I believe the part that says "our love is like water pinned down and abused for being strange" is like saying that someone is making a judgment at their love for being strange and they shouldn't.So this love that this being has for him and that he has for this being is abused for or considered " Strange' by other people. He is also saying in the verses " Our is love no other, than me alone for all day" he is like saying this being's love is no other than me alone hence him alone loving this being, and "for me all day "hence this being only haveing love for him all day which why he says " Our love" .

He's describing the love that him and this being have for each other. All over you(him being all over this being) All over me(this being or person being all over him) the sun , the fields, the sky which is like the world revolving around them as one..HSC Programs transitioned to a new medical provider for 2018. HSC departments should be using the latest version of the HSC Freeze Form that was made available in December 2017.

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