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In Mario Party 4, Mario Party DS, Mario Party 8, and Mario Party 9, the item is not present (although there are similar items, such as Mario Party 4's Mega Mushroom, and Mario Party 8's Twice Candy).

They allow for two rolls of the Dice Block during one turn.

The Max Mushroom is able to recover all HP to one party member and has a yellow cap.

In the Japanese version, the Mid Mushroom and Max Mushroom are respectively known as Super Mushroom and Ultra Mushroom, which would become the terminology used in future RPGs.

There are Mushrooms indistinguishable in appearance but instead cause negative effects on allies and adversaries alike.

The Bad Mushroom, only found in Seaside Town, does not recover HP and is used only in battle.

Mushrooms appear as items in the Mario Party series.

The first time they appear is in Mario Party 2 (where they are Mario's favorite item), and they have reappeared in other Mario Party titles.

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In the PAL versions of Mario Kart 7, they are called the Dash Mushroom and Triple Dash Mushroom.

This article is about the Mushrooms that heal Mario's Heart Points in RPG games or giving speed boosts in the Mario Kart series.

For the mushroom that turns Mario into Super Mario, see Super Mushroom. , add an additional mark or heart to the life meter, up to a maximum of four.

These Mushrooms, apart from restoring 30 HP, actually turn the user into a Mushroom (a status ailment also caused by certain enemy actions).

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While a Mushroom, the character recovers health every turn, but is completely immobilized.In recent Mario Kart games, Mushrooms can be used as well to knock over other karts or even steal an item from opponents by ramming them, as seen in Double Dash!! In later games, this move cannot steal items, but works to steal balloons, Shine Sprites or coins from other players during a battle.