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Much of the Tom Hiddleston fanaticism is tied to his role as Loki in Marvel's Avengers franchise, the cunning, evil (but really, just misunderstood) brother of Thor (Chris Hemsworth).

It was a shame that the spear-wielding Other Brother wasn't even in Avengers: Age Of Ultron! And, like any swoon-worthy man, Hiddleston's quotes on dating and romance will make everyone melt.

Of course, I decided to come as a surprise and while riding I stayed connected with her friend.

At last I was in Paris and by her friend’s tip off I found them in the Luxembourg Gardens where they were buying an ice cream…My girlfriend was standing in front of a stand with different flavours of ice cream and couldn’t decide which one to choose.

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and makes us not-so-secretly want to be as charming as Zooey Deschanel.

I was told to come there on Saturday evening and if I hadn’t shown up I would have never got my hand near it.

On Saturday I was on my way to the studio but I turned around in the last moment and went to King’s Cross, took the “Eurostar” and darted to Paris.

" Emma Watson has talked honestly about dating in the post-feminist era, saying: "I actually took a man out for dinner and I chose the restaurant and I offered to pay.

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It was really awkward and uncomfortable." Taylor's Swift's advice is perfect for anyone who has trouble finding exactly what they're looking for: "I think it's healthy for everyone to go a few years without dating, just because you need to get to know who you are." A big issue for singles is dealing with rejection, but Jon Hamm has some encouraging words: "The world's your oyster...

(Though rumors are flying about Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen at the moment.)Until there's confirmation, there's hope, so here are six quotes from Hiddleston that will make you wish he'd fall in love with you already."I think, if you're going to be conventionally romantic, you've got to go all the way: a beautiful dinner somewhere lovely, with boat-loads of flowers, chocolates and champagne.

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