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24-May-2019 12:31

The SQLite database allow fast queries and ACID transactions.

It also allows finding the reverse dependencies reliably without a needing the REQUIRED_BY hack.

It contains the information used to build the repository catalogue.

The manifest is in UCL format, it contains all the information about the package: name: foo version: 1.0 origin: category/foo comment: this is foo package arch: i386 www: maintainer: [email protected]: /usr/local licenselogic: or licenses: [MIT, MPL] flatsize: 482120 users: [USER1, USER2] groups: [GROUP1, GROUP2] options: desc: This allows overriding the users, groups and mode of files and directories during package creation.

All supported versions of Free BSD now contain /usr/sbin/pkg a.k.a .

This is a small placeholder that has just the minimum functionality required to install the real pkg(8). pkg(7) will intercept the command, and if you confirm that is your intention, download the pkg(8) tarball, install pkg(8) from it, bootstrap the local package database and then proceed to run the command you originally requested.

pkg package format is a tar archive which can be raw, or use the following compression: gz, bzip2 and xz, defaulting in xz format.

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You can grab a development snapshot of pkg from the pkg Git Hub repository To get the latest version of pkg from the Git repo, just clone it: Or you can take an already tagged release of pkg from the above web page as well.The pkg(8) codebase should be reasonably portable onto anything with a c99 compiler, POSIX compliant system and capable of running Gnu autotools.However, various places in the pkg(8) code make assumptions about OS specific behaviour.So, for example, this allows to creation of a package containing root-owned files without being packaged by the root user.

When a package is installed, it is registered in a SQLite database.

Note that this build and install procedure does not update the local package database at all, so you will get some odd effects due to the packaging system being misled into thinking an older version of pkg is installed.

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