Parcel post delivery confirmation not updating

03-Aug-2019 06:29

The blue crossed lines have survived on registered letters to the present day.Canada Post's Registered Mail service provides the sender with a mailing receipt, and upon delivery of the item, with the delivery date and a copy of the signature of the addressee or the addressee's representative.The green sheet was then used as a receipt and was returned to the office of origin after delivery.On 1 July 1858 the green sheet was replaced by a green silk ribbon and shortly afterwards by a green linen tape. On the introduction of postal stationery registration envelopes in 1878 the string was replaced by printed blue crossed lines.

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With computerization and barcode technology, much of the logging once done manually has become simpler and leads to greater options for the sender and receiver alike to access the status of their shipment via the internet.William Dockwra's 1680s London Penny Post also recorded all details on letters accepted for onward transmission, but unlike the General Post Office, gave compensation for losses.

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