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It is important to consider less formal language as well.NLTK's small collection of web text includes content from a Firefox discussion forum, conversations overheard in New York, the movie script of There is also a corpus of instant messaging chat sessions, originally collected by the Naval Postgraduate School for research on automatic detection of Internet predators.The graph in fig-inaugural used "word offset" as one of the axes; this is the numerical index of the word in the corpus, counting from the first word of the first address.

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(See 7 for suggestions on how to locate language resources.) We have seen a variety of corpus structures so far; these are summarized in 1.3.Unfortunately, for many languages, substantial corpora are not yet available.Often there is insufficient government or industrial support for developing language resources, and individual efforts are piecemeal and hard to discover or re-use.The documents have been classified into 90 topics, and grouped into two sets, called "training" and "test"; thus, the text with fileid Unlike the Brown Corpus, categories in the Reuters corpus overlap with each other, simply because a news story often covers multiple topics.

We can ask for the topics covered by one or more documents, or for the documents included in one or more categories.

The first handful of words in each of these texts are the titles, which by convention are stored as upper case.

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