Non intimidating body language

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American social philosopher whose work contributed to the sociology of knowledge by emphasizing the influence of material conditions on the development of human thought.

Veblen's critical analysis of American capitalism is evident in (1881) Venn applied the insights of Boole, Euler, and others in developing a diagrammatic method for testing the validity of categorical syllogisms.

Never-the-less I also love capturing what I refer to as 'controled Bozo imagery' when using ultra-wides. AW I nearly purchased a used Canon FL 19mm f/3.5 (non-retro-focus) for my Canon Ft some time in the very early '70s, but the salesman had miscalculated the tax by two cents and came back to me to ask if I had two cents. "Yes, I have two cents and for two cents you still have a lens." Luckily, a few weeks later a more reputable photo shop was closing a branch for reconstruction and they had the newer Canon FL 19mm f/3.5 R (retro-focus) to clear for 9! The f/3.5 R was (is) an amazing, perfectly linear lens, much larger in diameter than the f/3.5 but employing only two extra elements (9 vs.

7) and not requiring an optical viewfinder or the purchase of a Canon Pellix, which utilized, as far as I know, a uniquely Canon idea of a fixed pellical mirror to divert the image to the pentaprism which lost about a stop.

We had to use a groundglass attachment on the SWC when doing very close up work or the lens had to be precisely placed.

You would compose and focus on the ground glass with the camera on a tripod, and then put on the film back when ready to take the actual photo. Got it and the camera at the factory in a tiny Swiss town at the end of the bus line that ran from the train depot. Used some 100mm to 200mm non-retrofocus war surplus aerial photo lenses for astrophotography in the 1950s.

If there were provision for file attachment I would attach the relevant pages from the "Canon Interchangeable Lens Guide (1969) which describes all of Canon's lenses of that time.

John, Love your come-back line to the first salesperson! The Canon 19mm is still on my radar and if I can snap a clean one up with a matching finder at a decent price I'll probably make the leap. AW Around 1974, at Altman Camera,in Chicago, one of our more clever still camera mavens, Jon Sienkewicz, noticed that the movie section had obtained a number of adapters for Leicina movie cameras, including one for Minolta lenses.

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Thus, the propositional calculus employs statement variables, while quantification theory makes use of individual variables.Alternatively: it is impossible for the premises of a valid argument to be true while its conclusion is false.

He has worked as an editor at Engadget, Mashable and the Joystiq network, and currently leads content strategy as Editorial Director at Sprout Social.… continue reading »

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For every in-stream picture, an image link is created which takes up the Twitter character space.… continue reading »

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