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I organized several Dining Out events in 2013-2015 and then paused this program.Let's get our forks rolling and celebrate the start of the 2018 Noshwalks season with a dinner at a new Himalayan restaurant in Woodside, followed by Filipino dessert.So join us as we savor Egyptian, South Asian and Filipino tastes and stop at an old Italian bakery within a relatively small and very walkable area.Noshwalks is probably the only food tour company that goes here!Get ready for a tasteful tour of the Bronx's own Little Italy (sometimes also known "Little Albania"!) as we explore a neighborhood perfect for short winter days.

One of them is the Jackie Robinson Statue, where we will meet! So join us as we savor Egyptian, South Asian and Filipino tastes and stop at an old Italian bakery within a relatively small and very walkable area.Our tastes will be Ecuadorean, Mexican, Colombian and, of course, Bolivian - and we'll be really close to the Lemon Ice King, so if they're open in January, we'll stop there, too.If they're not, don't worry - there's plenty of food on this Noshwalk!Some people think of Astoria as Greek, but Noshwalks takes a bigger pictures, including Brazilian, Venezuelan, Balkan, North African and Chilean specialties… We also pass and discuss the historic Kaufman Studios and the Museum of the Moving Image. PS: This area is great for shopping, so as in all Noshwalks, you’re advised to bring a backpack or tote to bring food home. Although we usually schedule this Noshwalk to coincide with the Lunar New Year, this year we’re celebrating these two great neighborhoods without the holiday.

We’ll start with a few other traditional tastes of the Jewish Lower East Side – knishes, smoked fish, pickles, bialys and halva, before heading to shops where we can get dumplings, sesame pancakes and other Chinese specialties.

The Greenpoint tour includes a stroll through a lovely historic district.

Jacques Moati, photothèque AROP, photothèque Opéra de Paris Atelier Lyrique : Eric Mahoudeau, Opéra national de Paris 1ère publication : février 2015 En application de la loi du 11 mars 1957 (art.… continue reading »

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“But I’m very much enjoying being a newlywed and I don’t think I’m capable of any more decisions right now.… continue reading »

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The first order of business being the number and identities of the participants who, in the parlance of the genre, are unimaginatively and reductively called "bangers." Privately I'd been thinking that we'd need a total of at least three other guys, perhaps more given that I would be assuming the additional roles of party organizer and monitor.… continue reading »

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That's why you'll love Senior Singles the sole intention of making it easier for senior singles like you to meet, start new friendships and relationships, and possibly even start new lives together.… continue reading »

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