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In 1997, a hemp rope dating back to 26,900 BC was found in Czechoslovakia, making it the oldest known object to be associated with cannabis.

Since that time, hemp has played an important role in humanity’s development.

One can't help wondering why on earth there was this apparent rage against the plant between WWI and WWII leading to prohibiting it in many countries.

Documented safe and sound use for thirty thousand years, and then -- all of a sudden -- some influential people in very recent times get paranoid and ban the plant as well as the use of it?!

Cannabis plants are believed to have evolved in Central Asia in the regions of Mongolia and southern Siberia. Archaeological evidence shows they wore hemp clothing, wove hemp, and produced hemp pottery.

The earliest cultural evidence of Cannabis comes from the oldest known Neolithic culture in China, the Yangshao, who appeared along the Yellow River valley. Yangshao hemp cord-marked amphora, 4800 BC, Shaanxi ( Wikimedia Commons ) The first recorded use of marijuana as a medicinal drug occurred in 2737 BC by the Chinese emperor Shen Nung.

The Greeks make mention of it as a remedy for earache, edema, and inflammation in 200 B. From there marijuana went to Britain during the 5th century Anglo-Saxon invasions.

Cannabis sativa, as seen in the Grandes Heures of Anne of Bretagne, (1505-1508).

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Right: Chinese hemp fiber paper, used for wrapping not writing, excavated from the Han Tomb of Wu Di (140-87 BC) at Xi'An ( Wikimedia Commons ) The first medical journals in China were made of hemp and eventually it came to replace papyrus as the source of paper that eventually fostered the spread of written knowledge. Like the Chinese, the people of India have a long history of using hemp in their clothing and medicine.It has been mankinds companion and helpmate since the beginning.

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