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When we arrested him, he readily confessed to the crime. On the contrary, he appeared proud in claiming that he has 'freed' his family members," said the official, who did not want to be identified.

The police investigation has revealed that Raja was obsessed with occult practices.

Impure blood and urine collected in a human skull, triangle-shaped slices of bread etc are other things used for the 'black mass' which is usually held on the 13th of every month,” the priest said.

Recent reports of an increase in the incidents of disappearance or theft of consecrated hosts from many Catholic churches in the state is viewed as a sign of the growing penetration of Satan worshippers in the state.

Satanic rituals include sacrilegious sexual behaviour, human and animal sacrifices, drinking wine out of a human skull, the recital of Biblical hymns backwards and use of pagan occult symbols, according to a priest in Kochi.“Satan is invoked by using a desecrated host.

They mostly steal consecrated hosts from churches and desecrate it by defecating and urinating on it.

He told “The accused did not make any attempt to escape from the police.

Though he went to Chennai after committing the crime, he returned to the city in a couple of days knowing fully well that the police were after him.

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But when he is asked to empty his rucksack, perfume and condoms are placed on the table in front of him.Though Black Mass is a parody of the Holy Mass in Christianity, it has reportedly turned into the desecration of anything considered to be divine by other religions, including Hinduism and Islam.