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26-Jul-2019 21:26

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"I don't want him to get so serious at such a young age.He doesn't know what his future is going to look like! Sometimes teenagers do need to try dating multiple people to get a better understanding of what kind of relationship works for them.For boys, the attachment hormone is vasopressin which increases feelings of protectiveness and attentiveness.Of course I've talked to a lot of parents who are as worried about their teen standing in love too soon as they are about frequent dating.For boys, the quick development of the hypothalamus's INAH-3 prompts sexual thoughts.Combined with testosterone surges, this can make it difficult for young men to think of anything but sex.That said, the levels are less intense for girls than boys.

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When falling in love is a brand new feeling, teens can feel very disappointed when it passes.

Of course, we should all be able to think of boys and girls who do not follow these models but the pattern holds across large groups.