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Not only Harry's perverted bodyguard had gotten into Griffyndor. Not only was the guy a prince of assholes, but the subject itself was difficult. Slightly bonking him on the head with the book he needed to shut up. And Naruto was throwing a tantrum that he couldn't protect Harry if people kept on putting him in situation where it was 100 sure that he would get at least hurt. ""That damn geezer is so going to get a piece of me! ""Sorry, too focused on how to make the most powerful mage of the world quiver in fear! …" Hermione reacted on instinct, following rage, exasperation and something else that she would later identify as her hormones.

A couple of Gryffindor girls beat the hell out of him when it landed on their heads. And on top of it, he could understand why everyone hated Piton's lessons. It's not the library, but the common room is still a public place." Hermione admonished Naruto in her favourite way. Harry was letting attention get to his head a little. Good." She turned around and they stayed in complete silence for a few seconds, before Hermione decided to talk again.

Worst timing of the year to whoever is at the door." A knock on the door while taking a shower was something that happened at least once to everyone, they said.

He put on his pants and his jacket, forgetting to close it, though.

I think I met your cat…""Indeed." She had given him a reply, but she hadn't broken eye-contact with his body. He had grabbed her shoulders and forcefully made her stand back on her feet."Just checking you out." Naruto blushed even more.

He was too focused on mentally cursing Yoruichi."'You should drop orange! Mostly black clothes."I-I JUST WANTED AN IMAGE CHANGE! You should have realized by now that charging blindly in isn't good for anything…""S-SHUT UP! Didn't they teach you to respect people trying to give you help? He was so focused on scrubbing them that he didn't give much thought to the fact that a cat was bathing with him.

It's physically impossible for a human to move that fast." Naruto blinked. Ron and Harry then burst out laughing and Hermione blushed even redder than Ron's hair."Y-Y-YOU'RE A PERVERT!

They change their minds after a night, though." The young ones opened their mouths in surprise. When she stopped, she was flushing, but her glare was still in place.

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"That would be appreciated.""Ron, can you pass me the porridge? Things just kept on becoming more and more complicated. So, as long as Harry's ass is in danger, I'm staying around. Being away from home for so long…""A bit, sometimes." He flashed her another of those grins. I'm having fun here, and you guys are really nice.""…" She stared at him for a few more seconds and the smiled, shaking her head.

So much that his body turned slim again in a second, his metabolism suddenly going in high gear. "In the meanwhile, the cat observed his tantrum and his grabbing his own hair with a curious stare. He even hurt his foot when he forgot that fridges were particularly heavy and stable."ARGH! " He suddenly screamed while seating in front of the cat, and started counting Yoruichi's flaws, in his opinion. "You mean that my bodyguard is a boy my own age and that he isn't a mage? Harry made a face that translated into internet slang would be translated as 'WTF?!

And in the meanwhile, the dark-skinned woman just kept on eating ramen, only at a much slower pace, now."Mhhh! His stomach was full, his gama-chan was empty and his temper was rising. " Mr Weasley stopped, because Harry had suddenly interrupted him and because he wasn't familiar with the expression 'Hold it'. ""Can you fight without a wand, move so fast that you only see a blur and…

And that would be me."--"Well well well, is this seat vacant? Naruto kept his eyes open during the whole thing, a little more than just shocked.

But out of the whole table, the only vacant place just had to be the one beside her. "How many young cockatoos are born every year with a suitable array of feathers to be used for the Thunderbluff potion? He was currently storming down Hogwarts' halls, Hermione behind him. She grabbed him by the scarf, pulled him down to her level and kissed him hungrily.

And even then, you restrain yourself so that the admonishment is not physical as much as it is moral.

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