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This is a traditional, Spanish-sounding classical guitar made by Contreras I in Madrid. 1A concert model, top of the line with top materials and meticulous construction.Contreras is known as one of the very best Spanish builders, having built guitars previously at Ramirez. It is loud and powerful, a true concert instrument that has different characteristics in a large hall, with a "presence". The tone is full and robust; it sounds like a fine traditional classical guitar.When I received the guitar (carefully packed and shipped), I was immediately impressed by the quality of the woods and the finish.The spruce top is a good quality top with a nice straight and even density grain, and likewise the Indian Rosewood back and sides were high grade materials.It has a great deal of clarity, and sounds fantastic on Bach and Scarlatti, though it sounds good on anything. It is made of very tight grain German Spruce; I'm told it is a rare select grade grown at high altitudes.The 2 sides of the top appear to be different colors, even though they are the same cut and color, depending on which way you hold the guitar due to the tightness of the grain.This guitar is largely based on the Lacote style but does not have a label or other visible markings to indicate exactly who was the builder, and in what year.

S.) model: Length of body 45.0 - upper bout 24.4 - waist 17.4 - lower bout 29.5. 6) Neck is less thick to make playing easier: "The profile of the neck will be more flat on a 8-string than on a 6-string." 7) 8-string Fretted neck.Bridge modified for double tie-holes to improve the break angle and increased power/tone.

And if you do engage in the pay-per-letter process, the girl may push for you to visit her through the services of her agency who will provide ground transport, apartment, interpreters, etc. The agency makes profit on all these items and shares a portion with the girl.… continue reading »

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Vi rekommenderar alla våra användare att använda Flashversionen av chatten (den som för närvarande används).… continue reading »

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