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And Miss Sparkles said she and her guests are anxiously waiting for the ban to be overturned and pleaded with the authorities to not tar everyone with the same brush.She added: 'Our wedding planner has told us that the mayor is going to make a final decision in seven to 10 days.They are scum.' Situated in a quaint bay in Lindos, Rhodes, St Paul’s chapel is an extremely popular wedding venue for British couples.An effigy of St Paul was discovered on the site in 1920 and in 1951 the small chapel was built on the site by the edge of the picturesque St Paul’s Bay in Lindos.'My message to the mayor would be that the British are not all like this couple.'We want to come for a quaint and quiet celebration with our friends and family.'I can't believe what the couple did.It was booked two years ago, when we got engaged two-and-a-half years ago.'We were originally thinking of getting married in Cyprus but then when I saw the chapel I knew I wanted it there.I've been to Rhodes a few times so I know how nice it is there.'The mayor of Rhodes is due to make a final decision on the ban in the next couple of weeks.

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A British couple who caused outrage by appearing to perform a sex act in front of a sacred Greek monastery on their wedding day face being sued after foreign marriages were banned in Rhodes in retaliation.I hope that he can see that we are not all like that.' Gas engineer Daniel Gaynor, 32, and his partner vet nurse, Mandy Jackson, 30, from Rotherham also hit out at the Lunns for ruining their wedding plans in Rhodes.Mr Gaynor told Mail Online: 'Me and my fiancée are affected by these two low lives.'We have been planning our wedding for two-and-a-half years.Matthew Lunn posted a photo of his new wife Carly knelt in her white dress as he had his trousers and boxer shorts around his ankles while punching the air.

Tow truck driver Matthew, 27, and 34-year-old shop worker Carly, from Birmingham, said they posed for the cheeky snap to show their unique sense of humour in their wedding album.But now the island's top bishop, Kyrillos of Rhodes, has decided to ban all foreign weddings at the monastery of St Paul - forcing hundreds of British couples to cancel their dream days.