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05-Aug-2019 03:19

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They can't take their bearings, conceal themselves, keep their distance from other fish and search for food. Fish, Goldfish as well, are built to swim considerable distances. According to the opinion of the experts the goldfishbowl is absolutely unsuitable for keeping fish.

The biologist and head of the Wilhelma Aquarium in Stuttgart, Dr Dieter Jauch, writes in his book about the care of goldfish, Goldfish in aquariums and gardenponds; 'who ever puts goldfish in this sort of prison is committing animal abuse'. The starting point is that they be kept in a natural environment. But if we keep them in a suitable aquarium, and they are approximately 15 to 20 centimetres in length, they need to have at least 250 litres of water at their disposal. This standard size was recently recommended by the magazine The Aquarium.

Every year one hundred million Goldfish are bred throughout the world, between 5 and 10 million are sold in Holland alone.

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Goldfish like to swim in groups through the water while they are constantly searching for food.

Every morning the dead fish were replaced by new ones. The animals are rarely seen or treated as living creatures even though it is known that goldfish are very sensitive animals.

If treated well goldfish can reach the age of 20 to 40 years.

Why the goldfishbowl is bad Many of the goldfish will end up in a goldfishbowl.

People unfortunately don't realize that this is an instrument of torture for the fish. First of all the goldfish bowl is of course much too small.In their narrow goldfish bowls they barely last a few days or weeks.

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