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In part, maybe, school is really about being teased by boys in physics lessons, and sniggering about who fancies whom, and feeling a bit awkward in front of the opposite sex on a daily basis.

My generation has been driven to fixation on grades to such a point that we’ve forgotten this.

Instead, it found that “girls and boys when able to choose, irrespective of school type, tend to opt for different subjects”.

But Prof Smithers did not find much to favour a co-educational environment either.

” Then there’s the ‘bitchiness’ issue (no other way of describing it, I’m afraid).

Some women I speak to think it was pretty abysmal in all-girls' schools; others think mixed education led to both genders showing off in front of the opposite sex, which completely aggravated tensions.

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Those who had attended a co-educational school were more likely to see their children down the same path, whereas 65 per cent of those who had been to a single-sex school would prefer a mixed environment for their offspring.

Durham University law graduate Alice Macris, who attended an all-female convent school, and then a co-ed sixth form, says that girls were actually nastier in a mixed environment.

“Surprisingly, when I moved to a mixed school at 16, I found the girls there a lot bitchier, perhaps because of the presence of boys and the perceived competition from other girls.” Katya Balen, 23, who attended co-ed Alleyn’s School in south London between the ages of five to 16, adds: “As puberty hit, everything started to get a bit Mean Girls, frankly.

Interestingly of all the women I spoke to who attended single-sex schools, none would rule out single-sex education for their (future) children, unlike my mum.

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Many were very positive about it, citing those ever-important grades.

As easily the biggest geek in the class throughout my secondary education, I can’t believe I’m writing this.

He had just been drinking a coffee at breakfast.'Out of nowhere he sank into the water and just his hands were waving for help.… continue reading »

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