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She remembered having to go to the ladies room to cry that night, it had hurt to be spoken to in that way, even now, with all of her money and possessions, a lot of men had still turned her down.

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His balled fists shook with fury in the tight restriction gloves, and he struggled against the thick padded ankle restraints that held his legs spread as “She”, sat on the edge of the bed and smiled at him.

Deep in his soul Richard could only feel an empty pit beginning to gnaw away at him,” His wife and his daughter whom he loved so very, very much, his auction company. It was connected by three thick leather straps to a rigid chest piece strapped tightly around him.

His arms were folded to the sides of his ribcage, and held by a flexible rubberized bar that was pushed through his bent arms and behind his back, locking on either side of the bed.

She stopped in front of her bedroom door running her hands over her body, fondly closed her eyes and reminisced about the events from the previous night,” Hell!

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“, she thought,“ She could get laid whenever she wanted to from now on.”, a lustful smile slowly appeared upon her face and she only continued to smile as she entered the code to unlock her bedroom door and anxiously enter it, and approach her bed.

She smiled coyly pushing it aside and continued to listen to the person on the other end of the line, she reached forward catching a stray lock between her fingertips, slowly twirling it between them, and a wicked smile slowly appeared upon her face as she continued to listen to the phone.

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