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25-Aug-2019 10:15

She then pushed me back, slapped my face, but then she leaned in and started kissing me. I propped her up on a metal table as I pushed myself between her legs and started to grind against her.

She pulled and ripped my button off my button down shirt exposing my bare chest.

As I showed her the brewery I put my arm around her waist. You think you can just call me after ten years and think we're going to start fucking?! I realized this will be a sexual experience focusing around a power struggle.

" I replied honestly; "Yes." "You ass" she stated but I leaned down and started kissing her. We were locked at our mouths as we started feeling each other's bodies right beside the breweries bottling line.

I watched her walk up to the front of my business and knock. She gave me a big, lovely smile as I came to the door.Our "booty-calls" (for lack of a better term) continued while we both dated other people, and even after her engagement and into the start of her marriage. Over the years we continued to just see each other occasionally when our friends got together.