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These were the folks too shy to tell anyone they knew about their kinks, and they would do things with stranger that they'd never do with a husband or a lover. And if you don't get to work, it's gonna be a rough ride for her." She started to moan and rub her puss like the whore she was pretending to be. Her legs are spread wide open, and she is bent at the waist. I walk back to her ass, and drop some lube on her puckered ass. Her sphincter muscles clutch so tight that I can barely move. "Now that was a royal fucking." "Let me out of here," Stan says. "You think you own me because you can make me do things. Things with other men." "But I never did anything I didn't want to, Stan. When you make me suck off pizza delivery boys, when you trade me like I was property at the swingers club, that's stuff I want to do. But last week, you tied me up at the club and made me watch you fuck two new girls.

I work nights at the home improvement store, so most of the people I deal with are married, playing hookey from work, etc. People that didn't want to pay and didn't want to fuck. If I thought a client would change her mind, I'd usually videotape a consent statement. "Anywhere you want." "I'm going to fuck your ass." "Whatever you want. Fuck me raw." "Then tell him." "Stanley, you better start sucking on my boobs. Now, I'm going to get my rod up there, because she's begged me to do it. The important thing to remember is that I get to cum." I am pumping again at her ass, and she is gripping me tight with her muscles. When you were done, you didn't have any energy for me, and you didn't let me fuck anyone else." "This is your punishment." Just then I blow another load in her ass, slicked as it is with her juices and lube.

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I've had to break into second floor windows, talk my way past hotel security, and pull women out of car trunks. Normally, I'd show up and fuck her, then free her husband. But in this scene orchestrated by Marjorie, she wanted me to make a few demands. "Don't make me wear them." But I tweaked her nipple and she started narrating to her husband. "You know I can't say no when you do that." "Get the cuffs on." "Just let me suck you off," she said. She didn't have to tell Stan what was going on because the gags and slurps of a rough blowjob would be unmistakable to him. What I really liked about her is that she didn't wear thongs or bikini briefs. "Ok." "I'm not going to use any lube." I pressed the vibrator against her clit. In one thrust, I plunged my dick into her puss all the way to the base of the shaft. "When I get out of here, I'm gonna fuck you up." "I don't think I need to remind you Stan, that you are stuck in a box that I built. Her husband told me all this the first time I went to their house. Her husband sucked on her nipples until she begged to be allowed to come. I've built lots of stuff for Marjorie, and I've done lots of stuff to her. I've said so out loud in a voice that is loud enough for Stan to hear. I can't see what he's doing, but Marjorie knows what I'm about to do.These skin flick movies feature hot gay men of all shapes, cock sizes, and looks involved in Sapphic sex. This nice assortment of manly videos features all of the hardcore ass fucking you could ever want to masturbate to especially when you have a huge basket of juicy hunks to play with!

Any self-proclaimed neat freak in training will love these functional gifts that improve organization.Marjorie told me that she'd never heard of so many people getting stuck in bondage before this. Marjorie lured her husband in the box earlier this afternoon. You aren't getting out until I fuck her." She came back with the cuffs. I bent over and put a nipple in my mouth, then bit it gently. That moan opened her mouth, and I used the opportunity to push my dick even deeper down her throat. You'd think that a vibrator would be the wrong choice in this situation, but I wanted her close to orgasm, in a position where her snatch would be in spasms. I immediately spit on her asshole and began massaging it with my thumb. She began diddling her clit, and within ten seconds, she was moaning and screaming in orgasm.