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Data source components offer an alternative to the classic ASP.NET binding model based on a programmatic and explicit binding between enumerable data and the Data Source property of data-bound controls. NET 2.0, all data-bound controls support data source components for fetching, but only a few of them are designed to use data source components for other operations such as insertion, deletion, and update.You control the mode of the example, the next exercise requires no coding from your side.All you need to do is drag and drop a few controls, set a few properties, and you’re done.To give you an idea of how this works, here’s a rundown of the events that took place when you requested the Genres page in the browser and then edited a single genre: 1.You request the page in your browser and the page begins its page life cycle. The folder to reset the theme that is applied to all pages in the Management section.(visible in Figure 13-5), to sort the data in the grid on that column.

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Data source components force layering and promote a neater separation between presentation and data access, even in relatively simple projects.First of all, it can display an existing row in read-only mode.