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Hi guys, Recently I've made good friends with one of the massage girls from Raiwaqa, she's really good, I prefer taking her out to a room that way she's able to make money and doesn't have to give half the cash to her ***** boss.I think its better to get hold of a local girl from a massage place and take her to a hotel that way the girl will be happy and so will you.Love it, hate it, defend it (the water, not the tape); join our conversation, here.Personally, I’ll stick with tap, though it’s probably a safe bet that the popularity of Fiji Water, and sex tapes, will continue to rise.Hey guys, I am heading to Fiji for 6 nights next week.

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Which is too bad since the company, while involved in a bunch of charity on the island, is not as “Fiji Green” as it purports to be: They hide in tax havens, leave the locals to drink dirty water, and offer up twice the plastic as a bunch of other bottled waters.From what I can tell, and I’m not really a sex-tape connoisseur, this particular three-minutes-I’ll-never-get-back offers up naked C- and D-list actors (‘s Eric Dane and his wife of Noxema fame, Rebecca Gayheart) hanging out with a whiny lady (and apparently former Miss USA, how those pageants embolden) who makes phone calls half-naked for the camera and complains about the staying power of lighted rubber duckies.